Goodbye Ally Airships

by Lingua Nada

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-First released under then name "Self Titled" when the band was called Goodbye Ally Airships .-

"It isn’t horribly uncommon that we find some out of the states bands messing around in the DIY world, but to be honest, Goodbye Ally Airships is one of the first German bands I’ve heard that I’ve genuinely stuck to. Unfortunately, the band is planning on dropping the name and switching to something else and will be rebranding the LP, but I thought I would just sneak this in here because I’ve been jamming it all week.

It’s very hard to describe GAA to someone as they’ve delivered their debut LP with such an eclectic mix of genres and styles. “David’s Mathematical Anxiety” explodes into the mix after the first track’s long drawn out sample with a barrage of heavily distorted chords before switching gears almost instantaneously and moving into a spacey wave of reverb, reverse delay, overblown chorus effects and just about any other weird noise you could throw in, all sitting behind an expertly delivered and almost mathy drum pattern. The production value is absolutely spot on in all areas and if anything reminds me a lot of recording and production techniques used on many bands of this genre from Japan. The snare cracks viciously, the bass tones are brutal and unrelenting, and the guitars have more than enough crunch to make the entire album nice and husky.

While the first two actual songs on the album are instrumentals (the latter being more in the post-rock category with layered on delayed guitars and an excellent build up), “Simon’s Wolf” brings on jazzy chord structures, shreddy and glitched out guitar solos, and a nice powerful vocal style delivering what I can only decipher as half-german and half-english. There is so much going on in these songs it’s almost impossible to get bored with them. “Mother Tongue” switches gears to super straightforward and simplistic hardcore punk with the vocals reminiscent of Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt. The song breaks for a nice amount of feedback and noise before heading into a breakdown of sorts to bring everything back around in the song. “Dear Maker” takes cues from the twinkle daddies and starts to employ more tap oriented riffage into the mix and “Your Bike” is a very cute yet almost disturbing interlude providing nostalgic sounding synth parts over the iconic “I know you are but what am I” scene of Pee-Wees Big Adventure. My favorite song on the album “Over The Road” features honestly one of the sickest build-up/payoffs that I’ve heard in a long time, and it isn’t even half-way through the album. It’s honestly something that you’d have to listen to in order to understand what I mean.

While individually, all of these songs are fantastically put together and produced, it doesn’t feel like they make up an album, but a long collection of different ideas and styles that I feel like if they compressed more, they could get a clearer idea of what their signature sound is and hone it for a record with more vocals and more of a completed feel to it. Granted, I still love this release and have had a ton of fun with it, and if you’re looking to break out into more experimental territory, but still want something somewhat accessible, look no further than our friends in Goodbye Ally Airships.

You Should Probably Listen To: “Over the Road” “David’s Mathematical Anxiety”

Overall Rating: 8/10"

"Ce n'est pas souvent qu'il nous est donné d'écouter des disques aussi atypiques. C'est le cas en cette rentrée avec le premier full-length des Allemands de Goodbye Ally Airships, un groupe tragiquement peu connu, qui contient en son sein un Français au chant et à la guitare. Il est assez difficile de donner un qualificatif à cet album éponyme tant les influences sont diverses. D'un math-rock instrumental nourri au shoegaze et au jazz ("David's Mathematical Anxiety", "Max Winkler's Depersonalisation" et ses belles harmonies de violon), on passe à un brulôt hardcore noisy teinté d'ambiances lacrymales qu'aurait pu composer Loma Prieta ("Mother Tongue"), en passant par un post-rock onirique ("Departures" et son sample en français) et des titres plus influencés emo et rock alternatif 90's ("Simon's Wolf", "Dear Maker"). Ce melting-pot d'influences impressionne par sa justesse et sa cohérence, alors que l'on a tout de même affaire à un groupe très jeune (notre frontman national n'a même pas encore 20 ans). La production qu'il assure également en DIY fait beaucoup ressortir les riffs de basse, chose peu fréquente dans leur domaine et qui mérite d'être souligné. Mais les voix semblent parfois un peu trop en retrait. Une recette qui promet beaucoup de choses pour l'avenir d'un quartet qui aura mis du temps avant de mettre au monde ces 9 titres, mais une attente qui au final se voit clairement justifiée. Simplement, une tracklist un peu moins tranchante serait nécessaire, pour éviter de trop perdre l'auditeur qui sera déjà bousculé dans tous les sens sur ce disque. Un gros vent de fraîcheur et beaucoup d'audace à ne pas manquer et à suivre !

Recommandé si vous aimez : Toe, Tera Melos et la "wave""


released November 30, 2014

Written and produced by Adam Lenox Junior exept for "David's Mathematical Anxiety", also written by Joachim Wawra, Simon Wolf and Karien Krüger.

All instruments recorded and performed by Adam Lenox Junior.
Mixed and "Mastered" by Adam Lenox Junior

Vocals recorded by Ole Toense (DIN Martin, The Yuki Rush)
Violon on "Max Winkler's Depersonalisation" by Max Winkler.

Graphics and artworks by Adam Lenox Junior


all rights reserved



Lingua Nada Leipzig, Germany


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